Why Travel Alone? 7 Reasons to Travel Solo


Looking to travel on your own?

There comes a point in life where you get very fond of your own company and sometimes, yourself is all you need. Know yourself, love yourself and be yourself - that's what I live by. I have been travelling for the past year alone, and only now do I think of blogging, I know. Being on my own for the past two years has not only gained me freedom, but it's gathered benefits along the way.

Today I'm going to write about the reasons why I decided to travel alone, and these reasons are ones you should acquire for the motivation to become a completely independent person.

1. Finance

When I first started my travels, I had a savings account - but I couldn't imagine the aftermath of the balance if I had brought a partner or friend along with me. Think about it, every night you'd have to pay for 2 meals, not just one. A hotel room for 2 people, not just one. 

I could go on forever about travelling as a pair would leave you broke. The financial side of travelling alone is very beneficial and to this day, I still manage to have 3/4 of my savings left.

2. Meet and Greet

The past year of my travels have been absolutely thrilling, the amount of people I have met along the way , in which I still keep in touch with them today. Travelling solo has enabled me to meet so many kind and driven people. When I was in Accra, Ghana, I met Michael Essien (Plays for Panathinaikos F.C. currently), such a lovely guy. 

3. Pride

Travelling solo will make you ask yourself a question, 'is this really possible on your own?' and if you travel solo then you should be able to say, 'yes look at me, I've done it' and it will give you the most satisfying feeling ever. Knowing that you've just conquered a great mountain by yourself may make you feel exhausted, but you will feel so great about yourself it's unreal.

4. Experience

If you travel alone, the experience is bound to be fulfilled with a much more enjoyable and memorable vibe. I know that my past year of travelling solo has made me into a better person, based on the excellent experience I've had. Experience in solo travel is wonderful, knowing you can wake up to a new fresh day and the people you meet build on the experience.

5. 'Me Time'

It doesn't matter how long you decide to travel or whatever you decide to do on your travels, this counts as having 'me time'. Me time is spending time on one's own commencing relaxing or self-building activities. This is a great way to learn about yourself, actually discovering your whole self, not just part of yourself.

6. Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? I know I do, and since I started travelling by myself I have ticked 1/4 of mine off - great, huh? Just knowing your inner person allows you to do the things you've always wanted to do in life. The most common objective on anyones bucket list is to 'travel the world', and it's safe say I've conquered 12/196, not very close, but more than I bargained for. 

7. No Drama

Travelling single is one of the best things I've ever done and I feel so great about myself because of this. If you travel as a couple, what's to say one day you have a disagreement - this can cause bad travels. Not only could it cause bad travels, but it could end the travelling stage - travelling is wonderful and you don't want to stop travelling for some drama.

Become a traveller and experience many self-orientating experience.

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